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2022 Theme:

Natural disasters in the time of COVID-19: Improved techniques to survive.

The Summary of this Competition

'GENSAI' refers to the mitigation of damage or casualties caused by disasters. This competition has been held since 2011, seeking ideas and designs to promote 'GENSAI', the disaster mitigation, and this is the 11th year of competition.

Ten years after the Great East Japan Earthquake and 27 years after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. It was also time for Japan to accumulate wisdom and practice to build a disaster resilient society. Due to frequent occurrence of unusual weather phenomena in recent years, it seems that disasters have become much closer to us. In addition, the world has been facing the spread of COVID-19 for the last two years, and it is anticipated that we will have to continuously respond to this situation, which is also a disaster.

A disaster is something that suddenly changes our daily lives into unusual state. Any one of us can experience this at any time. In order to deal with this possibility, it is important to prepare in advance to maintain the usual daily life.

In addition, the pandemic made everyone's daily life to unusual state, which means that the continued unusual state has become a usual state. What should be done in a new daily life when everyone lives as a victim? Also we must be prepared for the next disaster that occurs during this time.

What should we learn and how should we prepare our daily lives in such a time?

We seek your ideas, creativity, and quest.

GENSAI × Design

What is GENSAI...? GENSAI refers to 'disaster mitigation'. This is a new concept word being used to address natural disaster efforts in Japan. Violent natural disasters cannot be prevented completely, but there are various ways to keep human damage to a minimum. Through the concept of GENSAI, the focus is not only on the moment of the emergency, but extends to adopting effective measures into our daily lives.

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