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Results of final stage. (29 March 2022)

The results of the final stage are uploaded on the Award Record page.

Results of first stage and information of final stage. (3 March 2022)

We conducted document screening by 8 committee of GDPC2022, and made the top 9 proposals "passed through the first stage". The result is displayed on "Award" page.

The Final stage judgment event will be scheduled on March 27 (Sunday afternoon, Japan time) using the online meeting system "zoom".

There will be an opportunity for the persons who have passed the first stage to give a presentation, so please schedule if it's possible.
Please wait for the detail for a while.

The registration has been closed. (18 Feburuary 2022)

The registration has been opened on submission page. (17 January 2022)

English page has been released. (16 January 2022)

GDPC2022 page has been opened. (9 December 2021)

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