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Outline of this competition

Target (Proposal requirement)

  • Anyone. Regardless of professional or amateur status.
  • Proposals that have not been entered in other competitions.
  • Regardless of published or unpublished proposals. Proposal that have already been commercialized are also possible. (However, it is necessary to inform that status in the entry form.)
  • You can participate as a group.
  • A participant (or group) can submit up to 3 proposals.
  • Participants must be able to check the competition website and must be available to be contacted via email.

Proposal Requirement

1) Proposal graphic(s) (Contain the title.)

Submit a proposal based on a main theme on 1 page of A3 sized paper (297 x 420mm / with margin 10mm) with vertical writing as PDF data.

Template file for design proposal can be downloaded from here.

(*Please edit this pdf template by Adobe illustrator to see the guideline. You can not see the guideline by using pdf viewer such like Acrobat reader and so on.)

2) Concept report

Submit theme report by the following format. The report consists following 3 items and each item can have 150 words maximum, for a total approximately 450 words.

[1] The thing you have researched or study about any disasters or related damages that ever occurred and the social situations due to infectious diseases facing the world today.

[2] About the theme: the reason of your selection of the theme and the task you felt to be solved and undertaken.

[3] Explanation for contents : The scene in which the proposed works should detail the 4Ws and 1H (when, where, who, what, and how) and show originality of thought.

Template file for report can be downloaded from here. (word or text)

(* Download by right clicking.)

3) Entry for proposal

Fill in the required information and enter from the website form.

*Language: Proposal must be written in English or Japanese.


  • In your proposed graphics, from the viewpoint of impartiality of the competition and protection of personal information, do not post personal name, affiliated organization name, contact name, logo mark that appeals individuals / corporate brands / affiliation etc. (The Marks etc. printed on existing products that reflected in the graphic will be accepted according to that level.)
  • It might be disqualified, if it does not meet the necessary requirements.
  • For the intellectual property right, please refer to another section "Regulation and Rights regarding the proposal".

Entry fee: free

The procedure of Proposal and Judgment

  • First Judgement:Selection and judgment from PDF proposal and concept report.
  • Second Judgement:Selection of participants presentation and the exhibition panel made from original PDF data (supplemental models can be included).

Commendation and participation prize

The best proposal and some awards may be given by juries with certification and some incentives.

We will publish e-books that include proposals passed the first judgement, and titles / entry names of all participants. We will present this to all participants.

Judging Committee

  • Dr. Takahito SAIKI, President of Kobe Design University, Auditor of SDAFST
  • Dr. Masaru SATO, Vice President of Kobe Design University
  • Ms. Akiko MORIYAMA, Professor of Musashino Art University of Design Information, Auditor of SDAFST
  • Dr. Jiro SAGARA, Special Committee II, Power of Design for GENSAI and Revive
  • Mr. Kunihiro SHIMOO, Part‐time lecturer of Kurashiki University of Science and The Arts, Product designer
  • Dr. Yuko ARAKI, Designated associate professor of Disaster Mitigation Research Center, Nagoya University
  • Dr. Takumi MIYAMOTO, Associate professor of Education Center for Disaster Reduction, Institute for General Education, University of Hyogo
  • Mr. Eiji HIRABAYASHI, Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution / GENSAI Design Project

The process for submission through judgment

[1] Entry

Go to entry form and apply your information, proposal PDF and concept report.

triangle headingApplication period

From 17 January 2022 (Mon) to 17 February 2022 (Thu)

We are waiting for your participation, regardless of design fields.

*It might be disqualified, if it does not meet the necessary requirements.

[2] First Judgement

■Date: February 2022 (plan)

Your proposals will be judged by the rules outlined by the judging committee. Your result will be notified to applicants via email (and also website).

[3] Presentation event and Second judgement (Final judgement)

■Date: May 2022 (plan)

The presentation event that competition participants who selected in the first judgement can present their ideas in person will be held.

A video presentation will be accepted for those who cannot be present at the event. Further information will be forwarded to the proposers who selected in the first judgement.

[4] Commendation

Following the exhibition, the second judgement (final judgement) will be held and the best proposal and the other awards will be announced at the end of the event.

[5] Publication by website and e-book

We will compile good proposals from who passed the first judgement and post them on the website. We also plan to publish an "e-book" that edited this achievement.

(We ask for your understanding in advance that your proposals can be in public information, before your registration.)

[6] Exhibition (plan)

The exhibition is held on that proposals selected in the first judgement will be put on panel displays with concept reports.

Proposers will be able to display the model of proposal in the exhibition.

In the case of many of model entries, there may be cases where selection criteria for exhibition are set in order to limit the number of models.

Expense of shipping for models and visiting for exhibition setting will be borne by the proposer.

■Session: Within 2022 (plan, it may be canceled due to measures against infectious diseases, etc.)

Regulation and Rights regarding the proposal

  • Submission data will not be returned.
  • Submitted proposal may be used for announcement of competitions and others.
  • We will promote broad recognition to the general public by disclosing the results after the competition to the website, editing / publishing e-books, etc.
  • About Intellectual Property Rights: Since applicants have various rights, we recommend procedures for retaining rights until our release. Also, if you have been applying for or registering designs, trademarks etc. for existing products, proposals, etc., please indicate it at the time of entry. If your proposal may infringe the rights of others, we may cancel the prize.
  • In order to promote the proposal to actual commercialization etc., we may support for this coordination in matching and collaboration between the proposer and the company etc.
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